Up Against the Wall, Taco…


A cop admiring himself in a taco shop window.

In the interests of full disclosure, I did not catch this cop admiring his reflection in the window of the fish taco shop.  It only appears that way.  But I can imagine what he would be thinking.  “Look at the smooth curve of my forehead, the way it fits tightly into the curve of the neon sign.  Look at the contrast between my sleek muscular physique and the soft moistness of the fish taco.  See how my subtle, masculine flavor complements the zesty taste of the fish.  Gaze upon my work as I drizzle law and order like a fine salsa.  Whenever you find yourself at a crossroads between mild and spicy, between order and chaos, I will be there.  I am the law.”

I think that’s what anyone would say in his position.


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