Little windows to other dimensions


A picture of a mirror reflecting the sky

Carl Sagan taught me that it’s okay to believe in parallel universes.  The hard part is actually finding a wormhole that will take you there.  He never gave out any secrets about how to go about looking for them, but I think they’re all around us-in the pockets of a thrown away pair of pants hanging out of a dumpster, in the bristle that’s cast off from a street sweeper as it passes by in the morning, in the crack between the “H” and “Y” keys in your keyboard where the dust always seems to settle.  and in that part of your guitar that the pick falls into and gets swallowed up forever.  I was walking home and thinking about wormholes when I saw this intense glare coming out of the grass and a broken compact staring me in the face.  For a moment I had this sinking fear that it would just suck me in and that would be it.  But, instead, I took a shot of it and took it home to set on my desk, where it remains firmly planted in the third dimension.  At least, I think so.


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