Self Portrait

this is my eye reflected in a harmonica

This was probably the hardest picture of myself to shoot.  You can’t look through the viewfinder, so you have to shoot blind, but still avoid getting the camera in the reflection.  And you have to do all of this without blinking.  Not the greatest picture, and I know it’s overexposed, but I feel like it captures my love for the harmonica.  This is what I did to it:

1. Bumped the contrast up 53.

2. Set the levels to auto.

3. Bumped the hue up by 17.

4. Shifted the color balance from yellow to blue by 40.

5. Pushed up the curves so the output is 167 and the input is 112.

I have no idea what any of this means, but it seemed to make it look better.

this is my holding a picture of my dog

This is a picture of my old dog Licorice taken a few years before I buried her.  Here’s what I did to the photo:

1. Bumped the contrast up by 100.

2. Brought down the saturation by 56.

3. Put a plastic wrap filter on.  I feel like it gives the feel of how it felt to be carrying her to the spot where I buried her when her body was   all stiff and her eyes glazed over.

this is me holding a monkey hostage

Don’t ask about the meaning behind this.  I just had to go with how I was feeling, and it seemed like the right thing to do.  Here’s how I played with the image:

1. Brought the contrast up by 100.

2. Added a violet photo filter at 25% density.

3. Added a dry brush filter (Size:2, Detail:8, Texture:1)


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