Step into the light.

a photo of the exit of the subwayLow Angle

I’ve always tried to capture that moment when you first step out of the subway  and the light burns away the your night vision that you’ve been building up over the last half hour and leaves you disorientated for that split second.  When is it exactly?  Is it halfway up the escalator, or two-thirds of the way?  If don’t hit it at just the right spot you have to finish riding the escalator all the way up, go back down, and start over again.  Unless you want to risk walking back down the escalator, which is the quickest way to turn a group of commuters into an angry lynch mob out for your blood.

I must have done the merry-go-round of up and down the escalator at least a dozen times until I got the shot I wanted.  I’m surprised that no one turned me in for suspicious behavior.  In the end, I wonder if it’s really just one of those moments that can’t quite be pinned down on film.


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