Who knows what horrors lurk beneath Virginia?

A man with a headlamp in a cave


Cavers are masochists.  They will spend a perfectly sunny Saturday crawling on their stomachs through the mud in a space so narrow it’s impossible to turn your head.  This man carried a map of the miles and miles of underground passages in his head and he dribbled his knowledge out slowly, letting the newbies struggle with slipping through the tightest cracks before telling us he could have shown us an easier route.

Getting pictures in a cave is also a struggle, to say the least.  You have to keep the camera under your coveralls and hope you won’t crush it as you slide along on your chest.  Even then, it’s almost impossible to keep the mud from getting into it.  So you wipe it down with the least muddy cloth you can find, ask a few people to aim their headlamps in your general direction, and hope for the best.  The results are mostly grainy images that look like they might disintegrate as soon as you touch them.  I tried to touch this up before realizing that I kind of liked the effect.


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