A pro-life billboard peeling awayPro-life billboards always stand out to me, because back in the day I used to seek them out just to vandalize them.  I would fill old light bulbs with paint, seal the ends with paint, and load them into my backpack.  Then I’d shut off the billboard light from the base and toss a few at it, laughing as the baby’s face dried with red blood dripping down his jowls.

But it looks like time got to this billboard before I did.  If you zoom out you’ll see that this billboard is on the side of a liquor store, which is down the street from a day shelter.  I think this photo shows how the people who put up these billboards can be totally oblivious to the life that happens all around them, once people are actually born.  Eventually the baby will peel away and it will just read “Cherish Life” with a blank grey slate that everyone who passes by  can use to  project their ideas of what “life” is.


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